AirPods Studio: Apple’s headphones postponed to 2021, it would cost 600 dollars


Apple is organizing a second keynote on Tuesday, October 13 to present the iPhone 12. Another product has so far been expected alongside them: the high-end AirPods Studio headset, the price of which would amount to up to 600 euros. A recognized leaker claims that the helmet will not be presented next week. And the sale would have been postponed until 2021.

Certainly, the indiscreet Jon Prosser has some information to reveal about the products that will be presented on October 13 on the occasion of the second autumnal keynote of the Cupertino company . After having mentioned several times what will be the main characteristics of the iPhone 12 and the date on which you can get them if you feel like it (iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in October, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 11 Pro Max in November ), now he’s setting his sights on the AirPods Studio.

In a message posted on Twitter, which was accompanied by the visual that you can see above, he claims that Apple’s high-end headphones will not be present during the keynote on October 13. In fact, the production of helmets has not yet reached the threshold that would allow it to go on sale in the coming weeks. A previous leak claimed that the helmet would be formalized during Tuesday’s keynote, then marketed in November. This would ultimately not be the case.

Two models, including one will be priced for $599

Second information posted by the leaker, the headphones are available in two models. A high-end model, made from metal and vegetable leather. The visual above illustrates this one. Its selling price would be $599. Expect a very high euro price. The second helmet would be much cheaper. Identified by Jon Prosser by the suffix “Sport” (a reference to the Apple Watch Sport bracelets which are cheaper than the more qualitative models), this helmet would be dressed in less noble materials. Its selling price would be around $350.

If the Airpods Studio is not presented in October, the headphones could be present at Apple’s next meeting, which would be scheduled as early as November. This meeting would logically be the opportunity to discover the new Macs, according to recent rumors. On the other hand, do not wait for a commercial release in time to find a place under the tree this year: Apple headsets may not be available until 2021. Either later than expected by previous rumors which predicted availability at the same time as the iPhone 12 Pro Max.