Apple: the next iPhone 5G will all be equipped with an OLED screen

Apple will equip its next 5G compatible iPhone with OLED screens, according to information relayed by the Nikkei Asian Review site. The apple brand would therefore decide to abandon the LCD screens for its flagships, so as not to be left behind by the competition.

While Apple is experiencing supply problems with OLED screens for the iPhone 12 , our colleagues from the Nikkei Asian Review site claim from several internal sources that the manufacturer will integrate OLED panels on all the next iPhone 5G . According to their information, the apple brand intends to introduce in the next two years 5 iPhone 5G compatible in three different formats: tiles in 5.4 ″, 6.1 ″ and 6.7 ″.

As a reminder, Apple had integrated an OLED screen on one of its smartphones for the first time via the iPhone X in 2017. Among the three smartphones launched in 2019, the iPhone 11 was equipped with a Liquid Retina LCD panel, while the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max took advantage of an OLED Super Retina XDR panel. According to sources from Nikkei, Apple will still have a handicap compared to its competitors . Due to the mandatory presence of Face ID , the apple brand will never be able to offer an OLED panel in full screen.

“The five new iPhones will all be equipped with flexible OLED screens. However, there will always be a notch, a punch or a drop on the top of the iPhone, because Apple has failed to integrate the Face ID module into the screen,”  said a source close to the executive at Apple to journalists of Nikkei Asian Review.

An impactful choice for suppliers

Apple’s decision to opt for 100% OLED for its 5G flagships is inevitably difficult to cash in for Japan Display , the supplier of LCD screens for the apple brand. Indeed, Apple represents 60% of Japan Display’s revenues and the choice of Apple could cause a serious shortfall for the supplier.

Especially since the company has recorded net losses for six consecutive years, and turns out to be lagging behind in the development of OLED panels. Nevertheless, and as analyst Eric Chiou specifies, “we don’t think that Japan Display will suddenly die, as long as Apple continues to adopt LCD screens not only in its old models, but also in these low-cost models to come”.