Apple wants to replace Google Search with its own search engine as soon as possible


A new leak, confirmed by the Financial Times that Apple is working on its own search engine. The goal is to replace Google, which pays dearly every year to be the default search engine for iOS. Apple’s goal is twofold: to no longer be dependent on Google and to move away from it as much as possible during the investigation opened by the United States against Google.

You probably know: Google is the subject of a large investigation in the United States for abuse of dominance. Two areas are particularly targeted: Internet search and online advertising. The two are obviously intimately linked. The search engine drains the traffic and the advertising monetizes the traffic. Google Search has become an almost obligatory passage for all Internet users. And therefore for all sites that wish to benefit from its audience.

Google’s dependence is therefore strong for the entire web ecosystem. Even for the other members of GAFA. Apple, in particular, is linked to Google for the search services integrated into its software, such as Safari or iOS. Today, Google is the default search engine for the iPhone operating system. A place that Apple for which Google pays several billion dollars a year. But, Apple would much prefer to take full advantage of this audience. And the firm wants above all that it does not benefit a competitor.

For many years, rumors have claimed that Apple is therefore developing its own search engine. A rumor that made people talk about her again last August and which once again suggested that Apple wants to replace Google’s search engine. In September, when Google released iOS 14, users were able to discover that part of the searches (those performed from the widget screen) are no longer supported by Google, but directly by Siri. .

This week, the Financial Times published a new article on the subject. The financial daily explains that Apple is working hard on its in-house search engine project. And that the primary motivation for this renewed motivation is not only to be independent from Google in Internet search, but also to not be a part of something that is under the radar of American antitrust investigation.

Indeed, according to the Financial Times , the American justice department would have decided to use the annual payment from Google to Apple, the amount of which is between 8 and 12 billion dollars, as an argument to prove the guilt of Google on abuse of dominance. Furthermore  they would also sue Apple and force the two companies to cease this partnership.