Galaxy Z Fold 3: Samsung to launch foldable smartphone in May 2021

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Samsung to launch foldable smartphone in May 2021

Samsung would finally introduce the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as early as May 2021. According to a South Korean media outlet, the firm has decided to advance the launch of its foldable smartphone by several months. This is not really a surprise: Samsung has already precipitated the arrival of the Galaxy S21 on the market. In the process, the leak confirms the compatibility with the S-Pen pen and the imminent end of the Notes.

According to information obtained by The Bloter, a South Korean media outlet, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 on the market in May 2021. The foldable smartphone was not expected until August 2021 for a September release. Last year, Samsung revealed the Galaxy Z Fold 2 on August 5.

According to the media, Samsung has decided to rush its launch schedule and launch the Z Fold 3 as soon as possible. In the same vein, the Seoul-born giant announced the Galaxy S21, S21 and S21 Ultra in January 2021. This is a first: Samsung usually waits until March to reveal the new Galaxy S. By speeding things up, the manufacturer would like to give a boost to its mobile division, whose sales are sluggish because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Bloter report also confirms the compatibility of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with the S-Pen pen, so far the preserve of galaxy Notes. The accessory would be provided directly in the box (so it will be offered) and can be stored in a drawer located in the structure of the foldable smartphone.

Finally, the media confirms the imminent death of the Galaxy Note. “Samsung Electronics will replace the Galaxy Note series with a foldable range,” the article says. However, the report does not specify whether Samsung will launch a final Note, the hypothetical Galaxy Note 21, before ending the range.