Huawei: U.S. suppliers try to convince Joe Biden to ease sanctions

Huawei was deprived of some of its U.S. suppliers during the final days of Donald Trump’s presidency. Without much hope, some suppliers are currently trying to convince Joe Biden to grant them a new sales license. Billions of dollars of chips remain suspended from the new administration’s decisions.

Donald Trump used his final days as US president to enact several unpopular measures. The former president blacklisted Xiaomi, banning the firm from receiving financing from U.S. investors. At the same time, Donald Trump has revoked several sales licenses granted to Huawei’s U.S. suppliers, including Intel.

In recent months, some of the Chinese group’s suppliers had managed to negotiate waivers to cooperate with Huawei despite the embargo. In late January, the billionaire suddenly cancelled those authorizations for no apparent reason. According to the five anonymous sources interviewed by Reuters, semiconductor suppliers are trying to convince Joe Biden to ease trade restrictions.


As Reuters points out, billions of dollars of U.S. technology and chips depend on how the Biden administration implements Trump’s executive order. According to an official U.S. Department of Commerce document, the Trump administration rejected 116 license applications worth $119 billion as of January 13. A further 300 applications worth a total of $296 billion are still pending.

There is little hope that Joe Biden will not implement to the letter the sanctions imposed by his infamous predecessor in 2019. Recently asked about the issue, Gina Raimondo, the new U.S. Secretary of Commerce, said there was no reason why blacklisted companies could escape sanctions. “Everyone has deflated,” the head of a Huawei supplier told Reuters.

In any event, the companies affected by Donald Trump’s refusal have requested additional time to file an appeal. Some suppliers have been granted a three-month extension. At this time, it is not known whether this procedure will allow some companies to recover a sales license. Will Joe Biden be more lenient than Donald Trump?