Huawei wants to win the photo war by putting a SLR photo lens in its smartphones

Huawei relies heavily on photography in its latest terminals. A patent today indicates that the manufacturer wants to go further by offering a retractable zoom worthy of a SLR in a future terminal. An innovation that is not really one, in reality.

Have a camera worthy of a DSLR in your smartphone? This is one of the objectives of Huawei with its latest terminals. The manufacturer did not go there with the back of the spoon with its P30 and P40 , for example, by offering a high quality sensor with an X10 optical zoom.

The manufacturer wants to go even further if we are to believe this patent filed with EUIPO. The latter reveals an imposing device on the back of a smartphone , with a lens capable of retracting like that of a SLR camera. It would thus be possible to achieve much larger zooms and would allow Huawei to put only one sensor in its smartphone.

Note that the design of the camera already seems well worked , 3D renderings are even available. This could mean that Huawei has been working on the subject for a while and that it could soon be integrated into a smartphone. Perhaps the brand’s future flagship? In all cases, we see that the camera remains massive on the back of the terminal, emerging from the shell by several millimeters. A logical thing for a retractable sensor.

Samsung has already tried the experiment

Huawei wouldn’t be the first automaker to think of such a thing. We remember that in 2013, Samsung had already tried the experience with the Galaxy S4 Zoom . More APN than smartphone with its design inspired by the Galaxy Camera, the S4 Zoom already had a retractable zoom. However, it was very imposing and hampered ergonomics. Huawei, in its patent, seems to take the direction of a smaller camera which would better fit the contours of the smartphone.