iPhone 12 MagSafe charger damages leather cases and credit cards


When announcing the iPhone 12 and its Magsafe charger, Apple failed to specify the drawbacks that come with the accessory’s many strengths. A few users have already noticed: the technology can leave traces on leather shells, but also demagnetize the cards located between the smartphone and the charger. The firm has thus added some advice for use on the product specification of its site.

At the same time as the announcement of the iPhone 12 was unveiled its first magnetic wireless charger, the Magsafe. Easier to use than the Airpower, which Apple has since abandoned, this magnetic mat allows you to recharge Apple’s latest smartphone via a system of magnets , simply by placing the latter on it. Beautiful promises which have cheered the aficionados of the apple firm, until the first faults begin to appear .

Security badges, credit cards, passports, key rings… All of these items can interfere with Magsafe’s magnetic system. The magnetic strips and RFID chips with which these accessories are equipped can thus be damaged if they are between the charger and the smartphone. This impact the data stored on the chips, it either erased the data or make the object unusable.

Apple’s advice to avoid damaging your Case and credit card

So be careful, if you have been seduced by the Magsafe card holder among the accessories for sale on the Apple site, to remove any magnetic object that may be there before placing your iPhone 12 on the charger. However, if your smartphone is in a shell equipped with Magsafe technology, this precaution will not be necessary. Did you rather indulge yourself in a leather case? Again, it is better to charge your iPhone bare , otherwise “ the case displays circular traces of the contact”, explains the firm.

Another important detail: Magsafe increases the temperature of the smartphone during charging . However, in order to preserve the battery, the software is programmed to automatically stop charging at 80% in the event of overheating. De facto, if the phone was already at a high temperature after heavy use, it will charge more slowly (at least, slower than the 2x faster wireless charging promised by the Magsafe charger). To avoid this, Apple advises moving your phone to a cooler place while waiting for its temperature to drop.

Finally, it is interesting to note that if a Lightning cable is connected to your iPhone 12 while it is placed on the charging mat, the smartphone will charge only with it, without using the Magsafe charger.