iPhone 6s: On the verge to make a new record?

Despite the pessimism that prevails at this time around the Apple, a glimmer of hope illuminates to its new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6s. The question of the moment: Can it go even further than its predecessor? It looks like so, since a new sales record is about to break.


The American news channel CNBC, informed by Apple, announced that pre-orders record held until now by the iPhone 6 is about to break. The already very famous former star of Cupertino and its 10 million pre-orders in one weeked now give way to the new headliner iPhone 6s which itself would have exceeded this staggering figure.

On the Apple online store, some models are displayed even out of stock, enough to reassure the financial markets and it is in China, where market is in economic crisis right now. Since all iPhone 6s models are displayed out of stock, the delivery time is displayed with several additional weeks.

And since Apple does not like to disappoint its customers, the brand announced that its physical stores will largely be supplying its flagship product on the official release date. Waiting around its new iPhone 6s is enormous and as each new phone leaves from the Cupertino, many will be expected to buy flagship phone before the stores around the world to receive Grail.