iPhone 6s: TSMC Processor Outperforms that of Manufactured by Samsung

A lot of information circulating right now on Apple about two new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. In fact, in these two smartphones we can find that their processors are manufactured by two different manufacturers, Samsung and TSMC. But here’s the problem, A9 chip manufactured by TSMC is more efficient than that manufactured by Samsung.


This is the story that panics web for several days. A9 processors integrated in iPhone 6s are different depending on their processor’s cores. On one side, TSMC, which has manufactured the highest performance chip, and on the other side manufactured by Samsung, which obviously didn’t perform in the same court.

Which chip is embedded in your iPhone 6s?

According to statistics, the distribution between TSMC and Samsung chips is more balanced. In total, A9 processor manufactured by TSMC is present in 50.85% of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The problem is even more light on the iPhone 6s where only 41.53% of the units are equipped with the most powerful processor.


For information, nothing complicated, you can simply download the free Battery Memory System Status Monitor, then open the application, go in the “System” and see what is displayed in the “Model” field. Regarding the iPhone 6s if you have the reference N71AP, it means that your smartphone is equipped with a Samsung chip. Conversely, if the reference is N71mAP, then you’re lucky and your processor is the one manufactured by TSMC. Same for iPhone 6s, if your reference is N66AP, your chip is that of Samsung while N66mAP reference mean that you are equipped with the TSMC processor.