iPhone 7: Apple Seeking Fineness at all Cost

Apple ally exclusively TSMC to manufacture its A10 processor. An alliance that would allow it to benefit from the expertise of Taiwanese OEM firm in the manufacturing of thin components.

iPhone 7: Apple Seeking Fineness at all Cost

If Apple has always been able to design benchmark, the Cupertino company has in large part to the fineness of its products. Whether in terms of laptops, smartphones or tablets, Apple is still able to offer devices at finer point of making. A search of fineness which should logically be perpetuated for the release of the iPhone 7.

Best of the Best, iPhone 7?

Ewan Spence contributor to Forbes website who has heard some rumors about the manufacturing methods and components of the future iPhone 7. The Cupertino company is expected to appeal to it sole supplier TSMC for its A10 processor.

The Taiwanese manufacturer will use a new technology called “Integrated Fan Out” (InFO) that would build components much finer and therefore, reduce the space occupied in the frame of the phone. With InFO, Apple would remove another hurdle in its race for fineness.

Other Consistent Evidence in this Regard

The agreement between Apple and TSMC to manufacture an A10 processor thinner than the previous generation is not the only clue that indicates that the iPhone 7 could be of unparalleled finesse. A while ago, we told you about the intention of Apple to abandon the jack on its phone. An audio jack which, again, limits the possibility of refining the phone by its standard format. So Apple will choose Bluetooth to connect the earphones to the iPhone 7.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will manage to give fineness and strength. We remember the famous #bendgate of iPhone 6 that made Apple to rethink the frame of iPhone 6S to make it stronger and avoid another scandal.