iPhone foldable: Apple is working on a design similar to the Galaxy Z Flip


The first foldable iPhone is under development. According to Jon Prosser, a leaker well known to Apple fans, one of the designs currently under consideration resembles the Galaxy Z Flip. Several chassis are reportedly being tested at Foxconn and foldable OLED screens have been ordered from Samsung. But a commercial release of the product is not envisaged until 2022.

Despite Apple’s filing of many patents in recent years, the foldable iPhone is not a reality. It must be said that after Samsung’s setbacks in 2019 with the Galaxy Fold certainly had an effect on the release schedule of this first foldable product at Apple. In particular, the testing phases will be much larger in order to avoid a new scandal.

What shape will Apple’s foldable smartphone take? According to Jon Prosser, a social media leaker and creator of the Front Page Tech YouTube channel, two solutions are being considered in Cupertino. The first is similar to Microsoft’s Surface Duo or ZTE Axon M: two non-foldable screens are assembled around a hinge. The second, much more interesting, includes a truly foldable screen. At the end of this article, you can find the full video of the leaker. The part on the foldable iPhone is in the last third.

The foldable iPhone would look like the Galaxy Z Flip

According to Jon Prosser’s sources, Apple is working more on this second solution. The prototypes look like a Galaxy Z Flip or a Motorola Razr. The smartphone would therefore be elongated and would benefit from an external secondary screen for notifications and basic manipulations. The screen of this device would be produced by Samsung. It would therefore be an OLED slab and not microLED as mentioned earlier.

No production schedule has yet been set, meaning the product will not be released in 2021. According to Jon Prosser, a release in 2022 is still possible, but not assured. In contrast, Apple has produced several different hulls and had them tested by Foxconn in Shenzhen. The goal is to test the durability of the central hinge. Many patents have been filed by Apple in recent years regarding this hinge that allows a flexible slab to fold safely.

Apple isn’t the only firm to have pushed back the launch date of its first foldable smartphone. This is also the case with Xiaomi. We still remember this short video featuring Lei Bin, the brand’s co-founder. Posted on Weibo in early 2019,this footage showed the leader manipulating a foldable smartphone in two places. And Xiaomi then hinted that an exit was near. That will be the case, but only in 2021.