P50, Mate 50, Watch GT 3, Huawei to launch at least 15 products in 2021

A leak reveals a possible list of about 15 products that Huawei plans to market in 2021. In this list are the P50 and Mate 50 ranges, as well as the Mate X2, the next iteration of the brand’s foldable screen smartphones. Tablets, smartwatches and headphones complete the package. But the question arises: where are the Nova and the entry-level models?

Huawei has fallen sharply in the global rankings of smartphone sales. From first or second place in the world according to the quarters, neck and neck with Samsung, the Chinese firm fell to sixth place in the fourth quarter of 2020, being overtaken by Apple, Oppo and Vivo. This is a direct consequence of the sanctions taken by the administration of Donald Trump, former president of the USA.

Despite these commercial difficulties, Huawei shows incredible tenacity. The firm can count on the support of Chinese consumers, allowing it to remain number one in sales in its home market. And the brand is on all fronts. PCs. Connected objects. It could even launch a home console to compete with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. What about the phone business? The projects are numerous and very ambitious, according to a leaker on Twitter.

He posted several messages on his account. In these two messages, he announces the arrival in 2021 of some fifteen products related to telephony. We find smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones and smartwatches. Nothing new in short. However, it is interesting to note that, contrary to some rumors, Huawei does not seem to run out of components to equip its future products.

Here is the full list of products announced by the leaker:


  • P50
  • P50 Pro
  • P50 Pro


  • Mate X2
  • Mate 50
  • Mate 50 Pro
  • Mate 50 Pro
  • Mate 50 RS


  • Watch 3
  • Watch GT 3


  • MatePad Pro 2
  • MatePad 2


  • Freebuds Pro 2
  • Freebuds 4
  • Freebuds 4i