For the average consumer, it may seem out of context, because Google Glass has not reached the massive lot yet, but the company has already stalled the version of next generation, which is now shown off to select partners.


Every time a new technology as is evident, it is not easy to distribute to everyone, not because it is expensive to produce but also due to several laws. Many believe that the idea is already dead, but in reality, the project is still under construction, and Google is now someone who could easily give up.

Google has multiple things going on right now and fiber, censor free Internet is already booming. It has been implemented in different regions of the United States, while the world waits for the high speed connection. Glass is one such feature that can take time, but when it came out, it has the potential to change the world.

Google Glass 2

The Google Glass 2 is still in its early stages, said the company representative in an interview for a magazine. But, it was confirmed that there is a new future. The Explorer program is also Google goes around, which helps the company to gather public comments direct.

They are eager to know what the average consumer thinks of such an innovative technology, especially in every day applications. The company has not disclosed information so far about release date, because it is not ready to be a normal gadget yet. A lot of adjustments have to be made so its launch is delayed.

Project Reorganization

In the interview, it was clarified whether Google Glass 2 is a brand new business or some of its features from the previous edition. Some reports claim that the company decided to abandon the whole idea and come out with something new that could attract buyers.

If they have to impress the buyers, it should definitely have a lower price tag that is easily affordable and good elements that make worthy investment. A similar technology is budding is the concept of virtual reality with Oculus Rift and others. We hope everything flies into the coming months.