Pixel 5 users report a big screen defect on their brand new phones


It didn’t take long for the early Google Pixel 5 users to complain about their new phone. Some of them have indeed spotted a worrying gap between the screen and the chassis. A manufacturing defect that could effect waterproofing of the device.

Officially launched on October 15, Google’s new smartphone got off to a good start, showing up everywhere out of stock before its release . But for some, the joy of buying a new phone was quickly replaced by worry. On the Google and XDA forums, voices have already started to rise to denounce a strange space between the screen and the chassis .

With an IP68 waterproof rating, the Pixel 5 is said to be able to be submerged to more than a meter deep. It goes without saying that it is more than advisable to try the experiment if your phone has this defect . Even to clean up the dust that seems to accumulate especially there.

It is a manufacturing defect

“I just bought a Pixel 5, but I didn’t even have time to start it up as I saw an issue with the assembly: there is a gap between the screen and the chassis , in the upper left corner of the smartphone ”, can we read on one of the forums mentioned. The particularity is more surprising since it is not present in the same place on all the devices, some notice it on the photo sensor side, others notice it near the location of the SIM card.

For the moment, not much is known about this difference, except that it is present when you buy the phone and therefore does not come from the wear and tear of the latter. Google has not made a statement on the subject yet but users lean for the manufacturing defect.