Rumours Says The Next Samsung Galaxy S7 will be Released in Two Sizes

Samsung may have the idea to release a Galaxy S7 variants in two sizes, one with classic format, and the other to PHABLET format. The edge variant may also be expected to come in two sizes.

Few hours back we just discovered the iPhone 6S, and its famous 3D Touch screen, it’s time to consider its main competitor, Samsung, which now sees the Galaxy S7 emerge. And indeed, the first rumors are out about this smartphone is that the Galaxy S7 could happen in various variants. Like last year, it is expected that the Korean manufacturer offers classic versions of its curved edge, but it could also assume that there will be different sizes in an attempt to wrest some additional market share in the phabletes segment. Thus, Samsung would have the idea to market a version of its Galaxy S7 5.2 inches (while the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have a 5.1 inch screen) and another 5.8 inches (while his Galaxy Note 5 has 5.7 inches).

If the information is obviously to take the necessary perspective, Samsung’s strategy seems to be moving in this direction: two equivalent smartphones, but in different sizes. Except that, unlike the mini versions, product dimensions appear to be pulled up. Some also suggest the possibility that the Galaxy S7 will be marketed by the end of this year, but it is even more skeptical about this possibility. Because, Samsung will certainly reserves its high-end smartphone for a presentation in Catalonia, at the Mobile World Congress in 2016.