Samsung Galaxy S21 would not include charger or headphones in the box


Samsung’s Galaxy S21 will arrive in 2021, but  information and leaks are already starting to appear on this next high-end smartphone. There is rumor circulating related to next Samsung flagship that there will be no charger and headphones in the phone box, thus following in Apple’s footsteps.

The Galaxy S21 will be released in 2021, if all goes well. It is currently in development at the manufacturer’s premises. Some elements of the Samsung flagship phone even appeared on the net. But today, this is another data that is interesting. According to SamMobile, Samsung could choose not to include a charger and headphones in the Galaxy S21 box. Thus, Samsung could follow the path of Apple, which has already made the choice to include only the phone in its box.

It was during the presentation of the iPhone 12 that Apple announced the thing. There are two reasons for not putting on chargers or headphones. Ecological, first of all, since a small box allows more to be put on the pallets and reduces the cost of shipping. Likewise, unnecessary chargers pollute and many users are already equipped. There is also an economic motivation, with smartphones not costing less. In addition, some users who are not equipped can more easily go to the cash register to get headphones. Moreover, forecasts predict  higher sales for Apple AirPods.

Samsung is following Apple’s path

Samsung could therefore follow the same path. It’s quite funny when we see that Samsung had made fun of Apple for not providing the charger in the box. As Sammobile notes, Samsung does provide 25 watt chargers in these latest phones, but it is also possible to purchase a compatible 45 watt charger separately.