The Nexus 5X will be Available for Pre-order from October 19

The latest Nexus 5X,  from Google and LG is ready to be available for pre-order, but only in the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Korea and Japan. It will take about twenty days for it to be pre-ordered.Google-Nexus 5X-PreorderThis is coming from LG unveil release schedule with the dispatch of the press release relating to this final end. When you read the fine print in the document, it is stated that  “the  Nexus 5X will be available for pre-order on the Google Store today in the US, Canada, UK , Ireland, Korea and Japan with deliveries starting at the end of next month”, and that “as of 19 October, the  Nexus 5X will continue its marketing in nearly 40 countries, and will be offered on the Google Store or shop in the fourth quarter.”

If this is not entirely clear, it nevertheless indicates that October 19 will be the day the overall opening of pre-orders with a later date of availability. Approached by phone to clarify this ambiguity, LG promises to provide an accurate answer soon.