Windows 10 becomes even more popular but Windows 7 refuses to die


Windows 10 continues to strengthen its lead over other operating systems. OS now holds 61.26% of the market, an increase of 7% since the start of the year. Windows 7 for its part is resisting despite the end of support by Microsoft. The OS even progressed in between August and September.

After the update on the state of fragmentation of Windows 10 which shows that 30% of computers run under a version older than a year, place the market shares of the various operating systems on PC. According to the latest statistics from NetmarketShare, Windows 10 continues to dominate the market. At the end of September 2020, it was installed on 61.26% of computers, against 60.57% a month earlier.

Windows 7 for its part remains by far the second most popular system on PC with a market share of 22.77%. This figure is up compared to August when the OS was installed on 22.31% of desktops or laptops. However, Windows 7 has become obsolete since January 2020, with the exception of the version intended for businesses for those who wish to pay for security updates.

Windows 7 stabilizes after several months of collapse

From 29% at the end of last year, Windows 7 had fallen to 25% in January 2020. This sharp drop of 16% continued, but to a lesser extent until the end of August before the slight rebound in September. Nearly one in four users are still reluctant to switch to Windows 10. However, it is still possible to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free , although in theory this should no longer be the case.

Microsoft regularly reminds users of the risks to which Windows 7 users are exposed by using this version of the OS. The latest security vulnerabilities are no longer corrected, which leaves PCs at the mercy of hackers and malware of all kinds. This means that for most users, the attachment to Windows 7 has outweighed the fear of the security risks they run.