Windows 10 will now notify you when an application launches at startup


The next version of Windows 10 will send a notification as soon as a new application is set to launch at system startup. This feature will allow users to easily disable this configuration to improve the performance of their PC.

Sometimes we download applications for a single use, or after a while they are no longer useful to us. But here it is: even when you are not using it, certain applications are launched when your PC starts up, at the risk of slowing it down and consuming its battery.

If you find Windows 10 too slow and want to speed up the system startup , it might be helpful to take a look at the startup settings and verify that all the processes that start when you open the system are helpful. . Good news: Windows 10 will now make your job easier by sending you a notification each time new installed software slips into this list.

Better control of applications when Windows 10 starts up

According to Windows Latest, the Startup section of the settings will automatically update in this situation notifying the user at the same time. In this way, it will be easier to prohibit its execution and to spot malicious applications downloaded accidentally. In addition, the system will analyze the opening time of each of these software, thus making it possible to highlight those which have the most impact on the launch of Windows.

However, Jen Gentleman, Senior Community Manager at Microsoft, clarified that this feature only takes into account the applications found in Settings > Applications > Startup . Those configured via third-party software such as RunOnce or ScheduledTask are therefore not affected.

In addition, you will have to activate it manually to take advantage of it. To do this, simply go to Windows Security , then to Application and browser control . Knowing that Windows 10 automatically relaunches your open applications on restart , this is therefore information not to be overlooked if you are looking to optimize the launch of your system.

At this time, only Windows Insider program users benefit from this feature. While waiting for it to be available to the general public, remember that the latest version of Windows 10 also gives you the option of blocking the downloading of unwanted applications.