Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: a leaker risks $ 1 million for broadcasting unboxing before the time

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra was the victim of a colossal leak just hours before its officialization. A leaker whose identity is unknown has published on the Net a complete unboxing of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. The builder is furious and intends to file a complaint and demands financial compensation that could amount to a million dollars.

It is a rather exceptional leak that Xiaomi suffered on Tuesday morning. While the Mi 10 Ultra has been officially unveiled as of this writing, the latest high-end smartphone has already received a full video unboxing . Indeed, an unknown leaker for the hour has published a long grip of 6 minutes , during which he returns the main characteristics of the device, as well as the accessories contained in the box.

Unsurprisingly, Xiaomi is furious and is preparing to file a complaint for violating the non-disclosure agreements . According to the famous leaker IceUniverse, the manufacturer is demanding financial compensation which could amount to a million dollars ! Other rumors, however, suggest a sum of 100,000 dollars.

In both cases, it is a heavy fine and it could well make the leaker / media who is behind this leak regret its action. The video was posted this morning on YouTube and has since been removed . However, the Internet being Internet, it quickly made the rounds of the web and it is possible to find it on other channels.

As our colleagues from GizChina point out, this kind of massive leak has already happened. We remember, for example, the leak of the full test of the Pixel 4a published in May 2020, several weeks before the launch of the device.

As a reminder, a recent leak also revealed the presence of a monstrous 120x digital zoom on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra . Thus, we were able to discover that the camera unit has four sensors on board, including a sensor equipped with a periscopic telephoto lens underlined with the mention 120x.